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Social Media Scene in Pakistan: 2013

Like every year, 2013 went by like a flash but leaving behind some amazing social media penetration in Pakistan. By the end of the year, we now have 11.8 million monthly active Facebook users out of which 8.4 million users are males and around 3.4 million are females. And the 18 to 24 years demographic is considered as the power users.  
On Facebook, OLX Pakistan becomes the Number 1 facebook page in Pakistan with 2,117,799 local fans. Among Telco industry, Mobilink becomes the Number 1 brand on facebook and overall the 2nd biggest page from Pakistan having 2,009,935 local fans. Then comes Ufone with 1,856,549 local fans. 
On the media end, Samaa TV becomes the Number 1 facebook page with 1,126,384 local fans. After that comes Zemtv.com, the largest news web portal with 851,468 local fans and holding their position on 2nd place. Then on 3rd comes Masala TV with 718,879 local fans. 
At the year end, Mobilink becomes the Socially Devoted Brand (second time in a row) with the Response Rate of 94%. Not just that, Mobilink‘s facebook page at the year end is marked as the Fastest Growing Brand Page Worldwide in Telco industry. The first ever Pakistani page to reach that mark. 
Pakistan has around 3 million active twitter users. Out of which, below are the Top Brands and Celebrities with their influence and details:
On Twitter, @Mobilink becomes the Number 1 brand profile in Pakistan with 81K+ followers. After that comes @OfficialWarid with 74K+ followers and secured the 2nd position. Then comes @Ufone with 47K+ followers and becomes the 3rd most followed brand profile from Pakistan. 
Not just that, among all three Most Followed Brand Profiles, @Mobilink is the Most Influential Telco Brand on twitter from Pakistan with a Klout score of 62, then comes @Ufone with 56 and in the end @OfficialWarid with 55. 

On the celebrity end, @ImranKhanPTI is at Number 1 with the most number of followers and with a Klout score of 78, then comes @HamidMirGEO with a Klout score of 70 and in the third place comes @wasimakramlive with a Klout score of 55. 

On other end, there are around 1.975 Million Pakistanis who use LinkedIn which makes us 22nd in the World Ranking by the number of users as the total users worldwide on LinkedIn are 261 Million. 


  • Sehrish
    April 16, 2014

    Hi, I was just wondering where did you derive the figure of 3 million Twitter users in Pakistan, from? I’ve been researching but can’t seem to find the source which states this number, so just wondering. Thanks a lot for all the help!

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