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Trends on Twitter: Wateen and DigIt12

Other than all those funny, political and sports related trends on Twitter, you’ll also find some events in trending topics. This is something really informative for the people who love to participate in technology or social work related events. People who attend these events tweet live about what’s happening at that moment and share pictures, quotes and their opinions.
On 18 December 2012, Twitter Pakistan contained two event related trends, #Wateen and #DigIt12. Dig It 2012 is Digital Marketing Conference held at Sheraton hotel Karachi, which was sponsored by Wateen and many other tech-related companies. 

Lets see what attendees tweeted during the conference.

Jaisha Syeda [email protected]
Digital marketing is all about the content. #digit12

Priyanka Pahuja [email protected]
Digital Media actually requires a lot of content. For which you require a lot of thinking. – Aly Mustansir #Digit12

Shamikh Ahmed [email protected]
‘Content for social media entails cost’ – Rammal @ #Digit12

Quratulain Tejani [email protected]
Content requires a lot of thinking. Digital is all about content #DigIt12

Ali Kazmi [email protected]
#Digit12 was the last place id hear about Howard Stern. But im glad it did.

Asad ur Rehman [email protected]
#digit12 Aly’s very own brand of sense of humour!

Ahsan | احسن [email protected]
RT @AnasMallick: How much of Brilliant branded content do yu see on the usual medium? #DIGIT12 #Wateen

Sarah Sohail Khan [email protected]
#DIGIT12 did I hear google buying a $1 cpm and selling it for $50 ?

rabeeya s.siddiqui [email protected]_s
That facilities a simple single views of the market fueling growth in online advertising #digit12

Faizan Lakhani [email protected]
“A survey of 600 small business owners in the US indicates 90% are actively engaged in social networking sites,” #DigIt12

Omair Zeeshan [email protected]
Everyone tweeting about “content is king” in the most boring way possible. No please. Don’t bother to make it sound interesting.#DigIt12

DigIt12 [email protected]
News Jacking by David Neuman , a book about brand strategies#digit12

Book: News Jacking (P.S. social media broadcasting) #digit12

Ahsan | احسن ‏ @aey
There are estimated 20 million mobile internet users in #Pakistan.#Digit12, #Wateen
Effective Measure [email protected]_measure
Are you at #DigIt12? What are your thoughts on @richardalexwebb‘s presentation? #PAS #pakistan

Osama Motiwala [email protected]
If anyone is having problem connecting to #Wateen, please let us know. #Digit12 It’s a very simple process and the connection is very fast!

Huzefa [email protected]
Good wifi service by wateen at #Digit12 ,ufone actually sucked. :[

Jaisha Syeda [email protected]
#wateen being a life-saver here at #Digit12

Richard speaking about “Digital Marketing in Pakistan”.. #digit12

Priyanka Pahuja [email protected]
When Facebook and Google weren’t there, we focussed on banner advertisement. – Amin Ramal #Digit12

Osama Motiwala [email protected]
#Wateen WiFi Hotspot: How to connect https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=207878489349342&set=vb.256766054336180&type=2&theater … at #Digit12

Ahsan | احسن [email protected]
Dunya main koi bhi trend chal raha ho, uss se fyda uthanay walay uss main apna point le ker ghuss jatay hain. Sum1 frm audience.#DigIt12

Faizan Lakhani [email protected]
“In a few short years, social technologies have given social interactions the speed and scale of the Internet” #DigIt12 http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/mgi/research/technology_and_innovation/the_social_economy …

Zoya [email protected]_altaf
So my entire TL is full of #Digit12 making me realize what am I doing here when I should have been there…

shared by @badar76

Ahsan | احسن ‏ @aey
#Wateen is trending at the top in #Pakistan. #DigIt12

LaMint Extraordinare [email protected]_Xavi
#Digit12 wish I was there! Seems brilliant and creative

Richard speaking about “Digital Marketing in Pakistan”.. #digit12

Sara Muz [email protected]
Who all is live tweeting? I know the #Wateen team is here, they’re pretty active. – Salman Abidi #Digit12

Adil Siddiq ‏@aurAdil

When the people with least sufferings talk about the solutions for suffering. #Digit12 #random

Sara Muz [email protected]
How many digital campaigns actually result in lead generation? That, ultimately should be the objective of marketing. -Imtiaz Noor #Digit12

Single person in Pakistan spend 97minutes a day on YouTube!#wateen #digit12

Farheen Aqueel [email protected]
Time for “the hot seat” #Digit12

Sadiya Azhar [email protected]
Now I am all excited for 3G. And the panel session ends now!#digit12

Anas Mallick [email protected]
Consumers Select #Wateen As The Best Internet Services Provider.#DIGIT12

Ahsan | احسن ‏ @aey
Pakistani companies with world-renowned apps are Ten Pearls, Pepper.pk | #DigIt12 #Wateen #Karachi

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