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Adil Réhman. | Twittistaan Star

Twittistaan Stars
Adil Réhman.
A 16 Years Old Pakistani Boy From Kuwait On Twitter With Thousands Of Fans And Friends.
Interests: Photography, Cricket, Politics

Statistics about @Adil0809: (12 February 2013)
  • Followers: 54,584
  • Following: 51,907
  • Tweets: 4,381
  • Twitter Impact: 11.3
  • Total Favorites received: 8,055
Hot Facts about @Adil0809:
  • gets 854 Retweets for every 100 tweets.
  • 83% of his followers are women.
  • 52% of his followers are from United States.
  • gets average 213 followers per day.
Achievements of @Adil0809:
  • One of the top Twitter Translator for Urdu.
Best of @Adil0809:

basically me.anyone else? twitter.com/Adil0809/statu…
— Adil Réhman. (@Adil0809) November 23, 2012

About Author:

Ahsan Saeed — Blogger, Urdu Localization Moderator at Twitter, Global Voices Urdu and WhatsApp Urdu Translator, Studying Software Engineering.  Love for photography, cricket, Twitter, reading and walking in rain. He tweets as @aey.

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