Types of Desi Followers and Un-Followers

Followers: Admit it or not, we all(okay maybe 99% of us) love followers. For some it’s

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65 Weird Twitter Handles

Twitter handle (or username) represents one’s personality and creativity. People also use it to attract or

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Twitter Hashtags or Rat Race?

Being social animals, a normal human just can’t resist interacting. From evolution till now different tools

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Beginning of Urdu trends on Twitter

Twitter works in more than 30 languages and shows trends for 35 countries. When you see

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List of Pakistani Photographers on Twitter

Some people see beyond the imaginations and capture the moments an eye can’t capture. Those people

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Biggest List of Pakistani Celebrities on Twitter

Twittistaan presents the biggest list of Twitter accounts of Pakistani celebrities, brands, organizations and non-famous but

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